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Encaustic studio goodies for sale

so today i went through the studio and threw a bunch of stuff out and organized a bunch of things to sell. make me an offer on any of this.

I will sell the whole shebang for $700.


flammables: denatured alcohol (partially used), shellac, propane, gamsol (new and unopened)

various flammables, mostly unopened except for the denatured alcohol.

random items

random items

two 12″ x 16″ black gallery frames, one blond 8″ x 10″ (i think), one blond 6″ x 6″. box with two cans of butane. 3M respirator with a couple sets of extra cartridges. metal eyedroppers. acrylic gesso and black acrylic paint. three 6″ x 6″ encausticbord panels. vinyl gloves. silicon cupcake sleeves. carbon paper, sandpaper, random metal flakes. wire.


large panels

four cradled 16″ x 16″ panels, one 24″ x 36″ panel, all from cheap joe’s art supply.



three 18″ x 18″ cradled panels from cheap joe’s art supply.



three 16″ x 20″ cradled panels, cheap joe’s art supply.



two deep cradled 18″ x 24″ panels, cheap joe’s art supply.



various sizes of ampersand encausticbord panels. 10″ x 10″ is flat, others are cradled.

paint box


a whole bunch of paint, detailed below. tin boxes contain partially used colors.

paint closeup

r&f, enkaustikos, miles conrad, hylla evans unopened paints

a whole bunch of unopened R&F paint, some enkaustikos, miles conrad, hylla evans.

hotsticks and cadmiums

enkaustikos hot sticks and unopened r&f cadmium set with 6×6 panel


translucent and pearlescent paints

Sonja Dove translucent and pearlescent paints.

vent-a-fume bench-mounted ventilator hood. SOLD.

Powdered pigments (Kama and pearlex), shellac ink, pebeo glass paints. $75.

Various heat tools and torches (ask for price), temperature regulator, $15.

there may be more stuff coming, but this is the bulk of it. btw i have had great luck with the cheap joe’s brand cradled panels, no warping or anything. make me an offer.

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  1. Bill Geisler August 8, 2017

    What are you asking for the R&F color blocks?

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