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The 9th International Encaustic Conference

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So I should post about this before I forget much more about it.

The 9th International Encaustic Conference was held in Provincetown, Massachusetts in early June.  There were all sorts of talks and demos and panels and stuff, plus sooo many lovely vendors.

I bought a TON of paint from all the paint people; got some of Hylla Evans’ colors for the first time (and oh are they luscious). Got some really interesting pigments from Kama up in Canada. Also got some nice sheer paper after Wayne Montecalvo’s demo. Didn’t get any boards though I wish I had… just couldn’t figure out how to get them home.
Also I bought a little piece from Rosemarie Langtry at the hotel fair and I got really nice work from Marie Leger and Joan Stuart Ross in the art swap. The hotel fair was the very best part for me — I got lots of positive comments from people I respect and that thrilled me. i’ve only been doing this for three years and while I have encaustic friends here at home, we don’t do a lot of crit or feedback with each other, so to get comments from everybody at the conference was fantastic. Helps me know i’m on the right track.
I think I went to too many demos and not enough talks. There was a lot of stuff in the demos I already knew how to do, and there were some talks I would have benefitted from that I didn’t go to. Next year I’ll do it the other way around. Because I’m definitely going again next year.
Joanne Mattera and Cherie Mittenthal did an incredible job of putting this together and they’ve been doing it for nine years now. Pretty amazing — it’s a really great event.

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