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Seeking Studio Mate

I’m looking for a studio mate; they just doubled the rent and I’d like to share the space with someone if I can. 5305 Bolm Road #7, just off Airport Blvd. The room is roughly 15′ x 20′, your half would be 15′ x 10′ (give or take). Ideally you are a reasonable and respectful person not prone to insanity or addiction; you are not allowed to live there. (Frankly you wouldn’t want to, it’s vaguely ghetto.) Only $100/month, 24/7 access. No central a/c or heat. Rudimentary kitchen and bathroom facilities available. I use a lot of electricity, btw, which is included.

$100/month, people; it’s kinda ghetto but if you need a space, you can’t beat the price. is my email.

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