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back in the saddle again

So I had a terrible dry spell this winter. All those awful grey days with no hope of sunlight for weeks on end. I was barely ever at the studio for at least two months. Like the Bastille lyric, “many days following with nothing to show.”

But the sun has come out and now I have energy again. Also, I took a fantastic workshop a couple weeks ago with Elise Wagner at The Encaustic Center in Dallas. It really energized me and I’m back in the studio nearly every day now whether I really want to be or not. Gotta just show up and do the work. The workshop was called “Navigating Abstraction,” so while we obviously worked with encaustic, it wasn’t about that at all. It was assumed that we knew what we were doing with the medium and that the focus would be on developing an abstract visual language of our own. What I learned there is changing the entire way I work now. It’s so cool.

Also, hey, I got into WEST again!

Some pictures of recent stuff, not gallery quality, just sad phone pictures:



barndoor agavebiblio-small

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